Responsible Service of Alcohol


 Responsible Service of Alcohol NSW

In Victoria, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland training companies and each individual trainer must be approved with the relevant state authority. In Tasmania, individuals need to do a course through the Skills Institute. In WA, NT and SA the trainee only needs to complete the nationally recognised unit of competency for RSA: SITHFAB021: Responsible Service of Alcohol. In Queensland, WA, NT and SA the course can be done online, however in Victoria, ACT and NSW, we deliver face to face.

Course overview:
  • Understand and comply with the legal responsibilities associated with the service of alcohol in NSW
  • Assist in harm minimisation
  • Recognise what constitutes a standard drink and understand the different strengths of alcohol
  • Appreciate the effects that alcohol has on the community and individuals
  • Detect the different levels of intoxication in customers,
  • Prepare strategies and skills in the prevention and detection of minors on licensed premises
  • Prevent underage drinking
  • Find attractive alternatives to alcohol service
  • Improve communication with customers
  • Competently advise customers of the options available.
  • Understand problems associated with excessive consumption
  • Alcohol and the law
  • Be able to understand the question of who is responsible for RSA
  • Have the "must know" facts about alcohol
  • Improve the atmosphere in their premises
  • In Victoria:
  • It is compulsory to have an RSA certificate if you work in a venue with:
  • A general license
  • On-premises license
  • Late night license, or
  • Packaged liquor license (such as a bottle shop).
  • It is also compulsory in other situations where there is a condition on the liquor license requiring the employment of RSA trained staff or you are applying for a new liquor license.
  • For the delivery of the RSA course the Materials, presentations and assessments are prepared by Liquor & Gaming NSW (LGNSW) and we must deliver the training as per their specific requirements.
Cost of the training includes:
  • Delivery of training session prepared by LGNSW
  • A resource book prepared by LGNSW
  • LGNSW issued certificate
  • Training record for your facility, summarising the training that was undertaken, the participants and their results (if training is conducted onsite for your organisation)
  • Assessment
  • Conditions imposed on Prime Skills when delivering this training by LGNSW:
  • Course must be a minimum of 6 hours (which can include assessment time)
  • Maximum number of people in each course is 30
Trainees must:
  • Be provided photo ID and personal details including full name, date of birth and suburb where they reside
  • LGNSW charge Prime Skills $101 per trainee certificate issued (we charge this to you at $120 per person to cover the administration required by LGNSW)
  • Each training organisation and trainer must be approved by LGNSW to deliver this course and attend a course at VCGLR on how to deliver the training