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/Food Safety News / Resources

Keep your employees informed and keep your customers safe with these Australian Food Safety resources!

Prime Skills Pty Ltd have developed a range of preventative solutions to help you promote the benefits of a preventative food safety approach. To assist employers and employees, we have provided the following food safety resources:

  • Food Safety Newsflash
  • Food Safety Posters
  • Food Safety Equipment
  • Food Safety Videos
  • Published Food Safety Articles
  • Useful links to external organisations and regulators

Food Safety Newsflash

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The Prime Skills Food Safety Newsflash starts with a weekly “Seven Deadly Sins of Food Safety” email and then follow up emails with “must know” food safety updates, newscasts and food safety articles. We also let you know when we have updated the Prime Skills Blog.

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Still not sure – then did you know that many of our clients use the Prime Skills Food Safety Newsflash’s for their own internal training, employee meetings and staff noticeboards.

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Please NOTE: All trainees that attend our face to face courses are offered the opportunity to subscribe to the Prime Skills Food Safety Newsflash.

On average about half of all Trainees that attend our face to face courses subscribe to the Prime Skills Food Safety Newsflash.

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Food Safety Posters

Promote food safety in your business with these free food safety posters that have been developed by Prime Skills Pty Ltd:

  • Step 1: Click on the poster you are interested in;
  • Step 2: Download the poster;
  • Step 3: Print in colour (either in A3 or A4);
  • Step 4: Laminate;
  • Step 5: Place strategically around your kitchen, preparation area, bar or food storage area.

Alternatively, if you would like to purchase pre-printed and pre laminated A4 size posters, then please contact our office. Costs are as follows:

  • For 1- 9 posters: $5.50 per poster;
  • For 10 – 24 posters: $4.40 per poster;
  • For 25 – 49 posters: $3.30 per poster;
  • For 50+ posters: $3.00 per poster.

Prices include GST and an additional Express Post charge of $12.00 per order applies to all orders less than $200.00.

Food Safety Posters to download are:

  • FSANZ 2 hour / 4 hour rule for cooling;
  • Cook and Blast Chill Guidelines;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Cold storage;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Cooking;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Frozen Storage;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Hot Display;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Recevial;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Reheating;
  • Colour Coded Chopping Boards;
  • Critical Control Point (CCP): Cold Display;
  • Temperature Danger Zone;
  • STOP – Employees Only;
  • Designated Hand Wash Basin;
  • Please label and date all items
  • STOP – Have you filled out your records?
  • Separate Raw Foods from Cooked Foods;
  • Have you signed our visitors book?
  • Wash your hands.

 Food Safety Equipment

 You can purchase the following Food Safety Equipment through The Gourmet Guardian:

  • Digital Probe Thermometers;
  • Fridge and Freezer Temperature Gauges;
  • Probe Sanitising Wipes;
  • Blue Band Aids;
  • Fluorescent DO NOT USE Quarantine Labels (250 stickers per roll);
  • Food Preparation Labels;
  • Defrosting Food Labels;
  • Decanted Food Labels;
  • Ecolab No Rinse Food Grade Sanitiser.

Food Safety Videos

These are currently being developed – Coming soon.

Topics will include:

  • Hand washing techniques;
  • How to clean and sanitise a food preparation bench;
  • How to calibrate a probe thermometer;
  • How to take temperatures;
  • How to take corrective action.

 Published Food Safety Articles

Our Managing Director and Australian Food Safety Specialist Mr. Gavin Buckett prepares food safety articles for two industry magazines:

PDF copies of all Food 4 Thought articles that have been written by Mr. Gavin Buckett can be obtained by emailing our office. The COBAA articles can be printed, shared or downloaded from the COBAA website.

Useful Links

Australian Food Safety Regulators:

Australian State Food Safety Regulators:

Food Industry Organisations:

Food Industry Publications:

Liquor and Alcohol Industry Regulators:

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